1. violentdelerium asked: Hiyyya! Firstly, greatly enjoy your blog! Secondly, was wondering if you had some tips or advice for individuals moving into Portland? I'm hoping to be there by Jan/Feb and am in the midst of searching for a place/people to meet and am a tad overwhelmed. Was hoping you might be able to send good vibes and insight my way :)

    Nothing personal but, this is how I feel about people moving to Portland.

    I have to be honest with you guys, questions about how to move to Portland have got to be my least favorite kind. :x Please, no more!

    I’m sure you’re a wonderful person; should you choose to move here I imagine you’ll have a fine time making friends.

    Sending you the best vibes! ~


  2. abstractchildmckenzye asked: Hey hows it going I'm looking to make music for the Abstract Children of our generation,and your blog stood out to me and I'd love your opinion

    I really don’t identify with “our generation” at all so I’m probably not the best person to ask (and I’m not exactly certain what you mean by “Abstract Children”) but as far as what kind of music to make: make whatever music moves you and let it form organically. IMO, regardless of genre, the only good music is raw and honest music. No bullshit, no fluff.



  3. swirl-sway asked: You forgot "I have one of the most beautiful voices in the freakin' world" on that 5 things list.

    awhh goodness! I suppose I could’a added something to that effect. :) Thank you very much for saying so. XX


  4. gypsiesandpirates asked: are tattoos not vegan? Normal ones? :) x

    Some tattoo inks contain animal derived ingredients and are therefore not suitable for vegans.

    Read about vegan tattoos here.


  5. fannyhats asked: How do you make your flax milk? My ended up a pretty gross gluggy texture and a very strong flavor...

    (Too lazy to write up a recipe so I’ll just post a link to someone elses, ahah)

    Like this!


  6. embracethevision asked: Colorado loves you!! Come to the mountains, chickadee!

    I’m thinking Colorado and California this spring / summer. I’m also looking into doing some wwoofing around the west coast in 2014…

    Currently saving up for some greyhound tickets and whatnot. If anyone knows of cool places for me to stay, or places I can work in exchange for food / lodging please let me know! :)


  7. acrosstheoceanofsilverstars asked: Hello Elizabeth! I'm looking to buy a bike to ride around my city and was wondering what style of bike you might recommend. Thanks :)

    A cool little comfort cruiser would be good for you, or possibly a road bike if you plan to log more than a couple of miles on it per week…

    Pop into a local bike shop and ask questions, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. :) cheers!


  8. glebal asked: Hello. I was just wondering, which travelling mugs do you prefer for hot beverages?

    I always use 32oz mason jars with insulating jar sweaters from my shop. Leak-proof transport in my bag and insulated. Hoozah!


  9. fabfrochick-deactivated20131201 asked: Do you have a nickname

    Oh, on account of the fact people are always too lazy to say “Elizabeth” and I can’t stand being called “liz” “lizzy” or “beth”, I have several nicknames, lol.

    A whole bunch I won’t post publicly, but as for others: E.A., El, Zabet, Ragamuffin and Dirtgrub. My family has always (I’m talking like, since birth) called me “The Dork”… 

    All very interesting stuff yes yes~*~*~*~


  10. iamforbidden asked: Hi, I saw your picture of dried dates, I live around Portland, and have no idea where to find them! I've looked everywhere and all the dates I've found have added sugar, so I was just wondering where you got them from? Thanks :)

    Those dates were a gift from a very generous friend, I couldn’t otherwise afforded to buy so many at once. I’ve heard good things about ordering bulk dates through the web… any followers have insight to share on that?


  11. fnlytbh-deactivated20140213 asked: Do you recommend any books in particular for a raw vegan diet/vegan cooking? I have a hard time comign up with the right pairings for food and am not exactly well versed on the proper steps to prepping and cooking produce. I've heard good things about 80/10/10 and The Raw Cure. What do you suggest?

    80/10/10 is a good resource on high carb raw veganism… I’m currently reading The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier and I’m impressed so far.

    Oddly enough, the first book I read on veganism, and the one that had the biggest impact was Skinny Bitch. For brand new vegans nervous to take the plunge socially I recommend Vegan Freak… For compassion-driven health conscious folks I recommend The Kind Diet, and The Joy of Vegan Baking and Veganomicon are both pretty cool reference tools, too.

    I have all of these books and I’m looking to sell a few, any takers?


  12. myriadsubtletiess asked: Please don't be upset! That person is really obviously projecting their personal life issues onto you (mentions to dark skinned vs. light skinned, their partner transitioning....just tons of things that have nothing to do with you or what you mentioned). I read what you posted and completely understood what you meant. It actually made me think differently about the questions that I ask of others. Before I found you rather enigmatic, but now I have insight as to why.

    So over it. Deleted and blocked. Thank you. xx


  13. thatsidris asked: what are your thoughts on leaving your hometown Portland?

    Oh man, I want to travel soon.

    Being FROM Portland has been pretty cool (and shitty at times), but with so many people (*ahem* ~displaced white yuppies and wannabe hipsters~) moving here it’s starting to suck, tbh, imo. Idk… Inner city Portland has become a playground for pseudo-eccentric, wish-they-were-urban white people, while disadvantaged people and minority groups (mostly comprised of native portlanders) are pushed farther into the suburbs in search of affordable housing (google: gentrification of North Portland).

    Portland will always be my home; it’s beautiful here and I’m grateful to have been instilled with the values of the NW, however when the time is right I’ll be moving on to see what the rest of the world has to offer. :)


  14. ichigomausu asked: i am a big fan of your nose ring/rings in the last few pics - any chance you could tell me where you got it from? thanks!

    Nope, sorry, but thank you! :)


  15. duogmog asked: where do you teach yoga at? I am looking for a place to practice.

    Nowhere currently, unfortunately. Working at the cart has been taking up most of my time lately but I do offer private classes to peeps in the portland area and I’m working on a few weekend workshop! :)