1. yoginiplace-deactivated20131029 asked: I love your blog, as a fellow yoga teacher (but much less experienced) I really enjoy your dedication to being who you are and so authentic. I was wondering if i could also bother you for some advice, I'm having a heck of a time with my hand and forearm stands! I am comfortable in my headstand but anything beyond that and I just can't seem to kick up- not even with a wall assist. I'm not sure if it's tight hamstrings or not kicking hard enough.. advice?

    Hey, thank you so much for the love!

    It could be tight hamstrings, however if you don’t notice much pain/tightness during hamstring specific postures like downward dog and forward folds, chances are you’re simply not kicking up quite hard enough, which is very common! This article from Yoga Journal is extensive and pretty damn amazing, so I’d start there…

    Also, are you remembering to engage the bandhas, to lift from the core as you kick? When it comes to hand and forearm stands, part of the work is setting up a solid base in the hands and shoulders, another important part is kicking up with enthusiasm; the rest comes down to core control, wrist strength (pressing down through the palms and fingertips) and lifting through the torso as the leg rises. Keep working on your headstands and hand/forearm stands with a wall assist for as long as you need. I’m sure you’ll be hanging out on your hands in no time. :) Good luck! ~ea


  2. mr-sali asked: Question: If someone wanted to do the type of Yoga you teach (Vinyasa I think it is) at home, are there any DVDs you would recommend since there are so many out there?

    I like Rodney Yee’s videos :) That’s who I started with way back when.


  3. woodlandfemme asked: The charm is how old everything is! It's amazing that you get to live in a piece of history. Who gives a crap if something is "outdated"? People who are concerned with how modern they can get something make my skin crawl. They're also the type of people that come to the restaurant i work at and say "don't sit me next to any 'nature'!!!" (which is a single tree and clump of flowers, btw)..... It's mind blowing to me!

    Exactly! What most people consider “outdated” I consider juuust right. Plus, anyone who complains about having to live in a old building has never tried to find affordable housing in downtown Portland. Your options are limited to super old buildings with rough edges, so to speak, or brand new ones that cost a bajillion dollars + your first born child. I’m not a person who’s impressed by “nice” things… I’ll take an affordable apartment, centrally located with tons of character over a shiny press board piece of crap with ~fancy new appliances~ any day. 


  4. thesuninblack-deactivated201311 asked: Do you just wear those bikini tops you make as bras or none at all? Just curious, if you're tops can be purchased for that purpose.

    I typcally wear no bra at all (my wardrobe consists nearly entirely of baggy “mens” tshirts) or a minimalistic, wireless one if I have to for some reason… I usually wear my crocheted tops alone when it’s really hot out or under a loose, open tank. :)


  5. boneykneessleepyeyes asked: my building was built in 1909 and it fucking blows haha it seems cool at first, but everything is way to outdated

    I’m no stranger to old buildings. Irrelevant opinion is irrelevant. Just… -_-

    (Full disclosure: messages like this irk the living shit out of me, nothing personal.)


  6. medikllrma-deactivated20131124 asked: Hi, Elizabeth! I recently found your blog and let me tell you I've fallen in love with your writing. It's so powerful and moving, I love it. Do you follow any other writers here on tumblr? If so, let me know so I can check them out. Thank you very very much :)

    Hey, thank you much! I don’t follow many blogs on tumblr, unfortunately, but I love to check the poem, poetry, and spilled ink tags for interesting reads when I have time. :)


  7. patchouli-musings asked: I was wondering, have you ever gotten an injury bad enough from yoga that you've had to take a hiatus for a few days-weeks? I'm kind of having to do that right now, blehh,

    I haven’t really, but I’ve had friends and students who have. Take it easy, yo! I’ve had so many ~serious~ joint and ligament injuries pre-yoga, I personally honor asana as a way to be soft and tender to myself; as a way to heal myself- so I try my absolute best to be mindful and avoid over-stretching.

    If you’ve injured yourself practicing yoga asana, it’s ok to take some time off before beginning again. If you are experiencing nagging pain lasting longer than a week, you might want to contact your healthcare provider. Hope you feel better soon! xxo


  8. emma1196-deactivated20140125 asked: I was wondering what your thoughts on transcendental meditation were? I've heard some incredible things about, yet I've also heard rumours of being cult-like and so forth. So i was wondering if you had any opinion? It's a lot of money too, so I wouldnt want to waste anything on it! Thanks :)

    I don’t know much about transcendental meditation but I do know that any kind of spiritual group that wants to charge you money shouldn’t be trusted.


  9. cosmofilius asked: i had never heard about blackstrap molasses to aid menstrual cramps relief but that's interesting! any more tips on how to deal with a painful menstruation? thanks :) xxxx

    Really any form of food-based iron (or tablets, if that’s your thing) will aid in menstrual cramp relief but blackstrap molasses is affordable, highly concentrated and pretty damn good mixed in to banana smoothies (on it’s own it’s got what one might consider a “harsh” taste but normally I just shoot it back like cough syrup, lol). The potassium in molasses also helps relieve cramps… make sure it’s organic!

    As for other tips: restorative yoga, warm scented baths, chamomile tea, lower belly self-massages and plenty of rest. <3


  10. celestialmornings asked: I know how you feel with the apartment search. I just graduated from college and I can't find a full time job or an apartment to save my life. Its so difficult to not become an anxious mess or completely bitter.

    Yeah, it really sucks. If you can, look for home shares and sublets which are usually cheaper, allow you to build rental history and don’t require credit checks. Good luck on the job search!


  11. phenomenalboxxx asked: You re-purpose jars..how do you get that food smell out of the lid? I have a garlic jar and removed the smell from the jar but everything I tried for the lid didn't work..& what do you use to filter your water?

    I soak my lids in white vinegar and scrub them with baking soda and lemon. Usually that takes the smell right out. :) and I’m currently staying in a house that has one of those fancy fridges with the water filter built in. Otherwise I typically use a charcoal filter to clean my tap water.


  12. mjm1991 asked: You are a beautiful soul. <3

    Thank you! Just trying my best to do right by myself and everyone around me.

    I really appreciate hearing that. :)


  13. groundedandelevated asked: Hello. How do you handle your b12? How and where do you get it? Do you take supplements?

    I use a lot of nutritional yeast which is b12 fortified. I use spirulina often and I’ve been taking this raw, plant based b12 supplement for about a month. Other common vegan sources of b12 are: fortified milk and butter substitutes, certain brands of bread, injections and prescribed sublingual supplements.


  14. petalbunnies asked: hi. i'm vegan and am interested in a paleo diet. i learned i have an intolerance to gluten as well. could you give me some sites or refer me to something that helps you?

    Wish I could help, but I don’t personally follow a paleo diet (and the idea of someone transitioning from vegan to paleo kinda completely boils my blood, but, I digress).

    I’d hit up the library if I were you… Good luck!


  15. goinggoingsoontobegone-deactiva asked: Whoa! Do you think you can post a pic of their tat?

    Nahh, not my tattoo to share, but I can say, it looks pretty damn awesome. :)