1. cosmofilius asked: i had never heard about blackstrap molasses to aid menstrual cramps relief but that's interesting! any more tips on how to deal with a painful menstruation? thanks :) xxxx

    Really any form of food-based iron (or tablets, if that’s your thing)¬†will aid in menstrual cramp relief but blackstrap molasses is affordable, highly concentrated and pretty damn good mixed in to banana smoothies (on it’s own it’s got what one might consider a “harsh” taste but normally I just shoot it back like cough syrup, lol). The potassium in molasses also helps relieve cramps… make sure it’s organic!

    As for other tips: restorative yoga, warm scented baths, chamomile tea, lower belly self-massages and plenty of rest. <3


  2. comaetho asked: On the menstrual cramp thing -- since you're a yoga pro, is it really okay to do yoga during your period? I always want to keep exercising during my period and to do yoga as normal, but lots of online sources (written by men) warn against doing any kind of activity like this during that time. Is that nonsense?

    As a female yoga teacher, if I couldn’t do yoga while menstruating, I’d be out of a job, haha!

    It’s perfectly healthy to do yoga while on your period. Some women prefer to avoid certain postures for various reasons, which is fine; listen to what your body wants! If you can run, swim, and ride a bike on your period, why would yoga be out of the question? If you feel like your energy level is lower around this time, stick to restorative postures and mellow flowing sequences…

    There are many resources on why women should avoid inversion postures (upside down ones like headstands) while mestruating, but even these are often based on outdated information and have little supporting evidence of any negative physical effects on the body… energetic effects? Possibly. But in my opinion, not physically harmful whatsoever. My advice is to listen to your body and take it slowly at first. If something feels wrong, don’t do it. If it feels good, you’re probably safe to do it as much as you’d like…

    LASTLY many women notice a heighten sense of spiritual connectedness while in the peak of thier “moon cycle”… use this to your advantage! Practice lovingly stretching each body part slowly, focus on the areas that could use extra love and attention, be sensative, take your time and explore. This is a chance to celebrate your womanliness… Savor it!

    Best wishes ~ ea