1. lajuan-andrew asked: is only your septum stretched? or is anywhere else? and did you ever get a blowout whilst stretching?

    Septum and lobes.

    I got a blowout when I was 19 stretching to 7/8” and took my plugs out for a long time… I’m slowly working them back up. Slow and steady’s the way to go, I’ve learned (the hard way unfortunately).


  2. wellcometomymind asked: did you have to stretch your septum with a taper to wear that tusk?

    It was originally pierced with a 16 gauge needle SEVERAL years ago, and over the years it just sorta stretched itself. The tusk is an 8g piece I made myself once; it was (briefly) painful stretching from 10g-8g, but now my all my 8g jewelry is super roomy…

    No taper btw.