1. Everything I need

  2. First time trying this stuff and OMG!!! It’s so good. All healthful ingredients, tons of probiotics. For my fermented beverage newbs I’d describe it as to kombucha what Mike’s Hard Lemonade is to beer, flavor wise.


  3. I may or may not have had a bacun double cheezburger AND nachos for lunch. So full I could dieeeee~*~*~

  4. Sunday is a day for sweets


  5. *Maury Povich voice* “You say you’re a vegan, but your consumption of honey determined: that was lie.”

  6. Snackin’ while I cook dinner. 🙊 my very favorite #vegan chocolate.

  7. Veggie Grill takeout and season 7 of Always Sunny, my kind of Friday night

  8. #shiftmeal at work puttin’ your lunch to shame. Smokey tempeh, glazed roots, quinoa and kale. Starting an Instagram page for the cart this week so stay tuned for that!✌️ #vegan

  9. Late night dinner prep. Portobello mushroom, Field Roast chipotle sausage and TVP Bolognese over rice noodles to celebrate surviving a poopy day that started at 4:30 this morning.

  10. So, these exist…

  11. Almond Butter and Jelly Bowl. Puffed organic millet topped with banana slices, cinnamon smashed strawberries and raw almond butter.


  12. Tonight’s dinner was under 1,000 calories (most of my dinners average 800-1,200 calories lately) and over 65 grams of totally awesome plant protein.

    Grain sausages, zucchini and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil with spicy almond butter sauce over quinoa.

    Filling portion and really delicious. I love the satisfied feeling a hearty meal brings.

  13. New protein! This one is non-GMO rice based with a bunch of good stuff like greens and probiotics. I let y’all know what I think soon.

  14. #obliques progress!

  15. Roasted sweet potato slices, Field Roast sausages, fresh herb avocado mash and homemade spicy ketchup.