1. feedyourbody:

    Adorable new bag came to Yellowstone in the mail today!!!f I was so excited when I ordered it from one of my favorite bloggers (elizabeth-antoinette.tumblr.com) and even more excited when it actually came! It’s knit by hand by her and is completely vegan! She’s such an inspiration! check out her tumblr, her blog, and her etsy shop; you’ll be glad you did:)! I’ve already gotten many compliments on it ^_^

    Thank you for the love, and I’m so very glad you like the bag! This was one of my favorite pieces to create; it makes me happy to know it’s gone to a good home. :)

    Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/byEA

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  3. I’ve been working my skinny little brown fingers to the bone creating new summer designs for @madeby_ea… I hope you guys are excited! Shop reopens for biz June 1st. For daily updates and sneak peeks please follow @madeby_ea. (p.s. sorry prudes, but… Boobs! 🙈) #madeby_ea

  4. Color!

  5. Knitted myself some boot toppers. Who wants a pair? 💙 #madeby_ea

  6. This made my whole week

  8. New shop IG page: @veganknits


  9. onehappyvegan:

    Anyone know of any cool etsy stores?

    Mine! :) cruelty-free knitwear, handmade by me with love using 100% vegan materials. And I’m actually reopening the shop for spring this Friday, March 1st! Woop!


  10. Making things. Feels good to be on my grind again. Hopefully I’ll have my shop back open for biz very soon :)

  13. allthingskeetaray:

    Pumpkin and Teal Tube Scarf via ‘byEA’



    YES girl. I love it.
  14. The winner of today’s giveaway is: Breegant! Woohoo!

    Again, big thanks to all participants. Everyone who reblogged this post before 4pm PST will receive (assigned randomly) 10, 15 & 20% off coupons later tonight (after I take a nap and eat dinner, haha).

    This was just the first of several giveaways to come this winter.. Stick around, they’ll only be getting better as Christmas approaches. ;)

  15. XL Wrap Scarf- in Black, Bright Blue & Coral
    Approx. 8” x 125” (it’s HUGE!)
    order here