1. radicalmuscle asked: Haiku: Yoga!

    Stretching past this form
    Human shape deemed obsolete
    Turning toward self’s center.

  2. baby crow

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  3. duogmog asked: where do you teach yoga at? I am looking for a place to practice.

    Nowhere currently, unfortunately. Working at the cart has been taking up most of my time lately but I do offer private classes to peeps in the portland area and I’m working on a few weekend workshop! :)

  4. After work release

  5. Paschimottanasana


  6. iixxivxcv-deactivated20131020 asked: Can you post more youtube videos of yoga?

    Hopefully soon! I’ve been posting from my phone for the past 2-3 weeks but as soon as I have access to a real computer again I’ll post videos more frequently. :)

  7. Lifting into Bakasana


  8. fuckify asked: what are the other forms of exercise you do to stay fit? i'm looking for ways to exercise that are fun and i love yoga. i noticed you do hoop dancing as well as yoga :) (you have an amazing body!)

    Ah jeez, thank you, haha. >.<

    I live a very active life. By that I mean, I never pass up the opportunity to work hard and get sweaty; I ride a bike for transportation which is very physically demanding. I teach yoga and practice daily, I hoop dance daily… I run occasionally, lift weights sporadically, hike often, play disc golf, swim when I can, climb trees, etc. I’m just a big kid that plays a lot, hates being indoors and eats my veggies; physical fitness is simply a byproduct of doing activities I genuinely enjoy. :)


  9. yoginiplace-deactivated20131029 asked: I love your blog, as a fellow yoga teacher (but much less experienced) I really enjoy your dedication to being who you are and so authentic. I was wondering if i could also bother you for some advice, I'm having a heck of a time with my hand and forearm stands! I am comfortable in my headstand but anything beyond that and I just can't seem to kick up- not even with a wall assist. I'm not sure if it's tight hamstrings or not kicking hard enough.. advice?

    Hey, thank you so much for the love!

    It could be tight hamstrings, however if you don’t notice much pain/tightness during hamstring specific postures like downward dog and forward folds, chances are you’re simply not kicking up quite hard enough, which is very common! This article from Yoga Journal is extensive and pretty damn amazing, so I’d start there…

    Also, are you remembering to engage the bandhas, to lift from the core as you kick? When it comes to hand and forearm stands, part of the work is setting up a solid base in the hands and shoulders, another important part is kicking up with enthusiasm; the rest comes down to core control, wrist strength (pressing down through the palms and fingertips) and lifting through the torso as the leg rises. Keep working on your headstands and hand/forearm stands with a wall assist for as long as you need. I’m sure you’ll be hanging out on your hands in no time. :) Good luck! ~ea


  10. My morning goes like this:

    30 minutes of silence as follows:

    - roll out of bed
    - 5 mins seated meditation
    - 10 mins of gentle yoga
    - 5 mins oil pulling while I tidy up
    - brush teeth/wash face/dress
    - 5 mins contemplation/journaling + tea

    Easy and effective way to start my day with intention. Can you wake up 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes earlier to implement a few of these daily practices? I encourage you to try, you’ll notice the benefits immediately. :)

  11. Learning to trust my balance by drawing my head through my arms to gaze at the back wall, rather than down at my hands. Adjusting your gaze changes a posture completely… this variation is much harder than it looks! 😅


  12. mr-sali asked: Question: If someone wanted to do the type of Yoga you teach (Vinyasa I think it is) at home, are there any DVDs you would recommend since there are so many out there?

    I like Rodney Yee’s videos :) That’s who I started with way back when.


  13. patchouli-musings asked: I was wondering, have you ever gotten an injury bad enough from yoga that you've had to take a hiatus for a few days-weeks? I'm kind of having to do that right now, blehh,

    I haven’t really, but I’ve had friends and students who have. Take it easy, yo! I’ve had so many ~serious~ joint and ligament injuries pre-yoga, I personally honor asana as a way to be soft and tender to myself; as a way to heal myself- so I try my absolute best to be mindful and avoid over-stretching.

    If you’ve injured yourself practicing yoga asana, it’s ok to take some time off before beginning again. If you are experiencing nagging pain lasting longer than a week, you might want to contact your healthcare provider. Hope you feel better soon! xxo

  14. Held it for a solid 15 seconds today… practice makes progress!


  15. iresisttemptation asked: I just wanted to say thank you. You've inspired me to change my life :) I've become a vegetarian (transitioning to veganism) and have found my love of yoga and have now been practicing for two years. Your passion for healthy living, animal rights and kindness is inspiring and motivating. Once again, thanks :)

    2 years of yoga?! Heck yes! I think you are way awesome and your commitment to yoga inspires me more than I can express, so THANK YOU. :) Sending you bear hugs and fist bumps. ~*~*