1. My dreadlocks are 6 months old today. :’)

  2. Koala baby

  4. Hooded cowls are now in stock!

  5. Now available in emerald green


  6. yoyo-yarn asked: How do you feel about white people getting dreads?

    You know, I get asked this question frequently and it always carries the same feel for me as the question "how do you feel about people dating outside of their race?" Honestly, as a “mixed race” indivudual, questions like these bristle me. While most arguments that purport white people having dreadlocks as a form of “cultural appropriation” are valid, few (from what I’ve been exposed to via tumblr) are holistically constructive to all humans as a group, or stem from an open and flexible state of mind…

    Ethnically speaking, I am mostly German. I was raised in a family of stubborn headed, hard working white country folk. Does this make me somehow less qualified to grow my own dreadlocks? Or because my skin is brown and my hair is kinky, do I get a free appropriation pass or something? All this is my slightly tounge-in-cheek way of saying that judging someone’s right to wear dreadlocks, based only on what you can precive from their outward appearance clearly has more than a few flaws.

    The cultivation of self esteem and personal identity is an arduous and lifelong task for most people, and cultural curiosity is natural. Personally I choose to believe that every person that has dreadlocks does so simply because they like them, and it’s got nothing malicious to do with me. People can be very ignorant but I refuse to hate them for it.

    Peaceful education & space for contemplation: the only true way to change minds!

  7. well that’s just swell

  8. Greetings, earthlings


  9. Dreadlock maintenance day!

    Doing a baking soda cleanse, ACV rinse & general upkeep today. If you’ve got any general dreadlock care questions, leave them in the reply to this post (questions via “fan mail” will go unanswered, sorry!) and I’ll answer them soon.

    So, what would you like to know about locs?


  10. 20 Dreadlock Questions

    DREADLOCKS TAG (reposted from ze interwebz)

    1. How old are your dreads?
    Only 3 months. Yittle babies still :’)

    2. How many dreadlocks do you have?
    Around 30… 33? I really don’t even know.

    3. How long are they?
    About 8-9” some longer, some shorter

    5. How did everyone respond to them? Negatively? Positively?
    Mostly positively, aside from the (highly annoying) “but you hair was so pretty!” comments…

    6. What do you LOVE about your dreads?
    How easy my mornings have become. Wake up and go, yo!

    7. What do you dislike about them?
    Nothing, really. Maybe the length, but obviously that’s temporary

    8. What are some of your pet peeves that come with having dreads?
    Sleeping on them funny and waking up looking like Coolio, haha.

    9.Have you ever dyed them? Do you want to? If so, what colour?
    I’ve got a few mossy green ones up there from my pre-dreadlocked hair. Not planning on dying them at this point, but who knows.

    10. Do you do any daily maintenance to your dreads? What are the steps included?
    No maintenance at all really. When my scalp is dirty or I want to freshen up I’ll wash them with Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap. Maybe once a week, I guess.

    11. What dreadlock products do you stand by and why?
    Nothing. Sunlight? Warm water? Nothing really, that’s why I love them.

    12. Which products do you regret trying?
    WAX. Oh man, wax was a very bad choice. So unnecessary/sticky. Just, yuck.

    13. What method did you use to start your locks?
    Mostly twist & rip (and time + patients)

    14. How much did it cost to get them done?
    Free. I did them myself. Whoop!

    15. What compliments have you ever received about your dreads?
    That the look natural on me. Idk, I don’t get that many compliments about them.

    16. Have you Influenced anyone to start their own dread journey?
    My dude’s interested in locking up! And a few friends are curious about it.

    17. Are you happy with how your dreadlocks look?
    Yes. I’m pretty easy to please though, personal appearance wise.

    18. What would you change about your locks if you could go back in time?
    I wouldn’t have wasted money on wax. Never again!

    19. How do you normally style/wear your dreads?
    Usually up in a hat, sometimes down and occasionally pulled back

    20. How do you envision you and your dreads 5 years from now? Will you still even have them?
    I imagine them still on my head, still growing and fully locked by then… I don’t really ever plan on cutting them at this point so I enjoy picturing them at 80 year old, hanging to the floor from my head like my gnarled old roots. Getting my grandkidos tangled up I’m ‘em. Ha. :)


  11. bigcrazycat asked: Hey, your dreads are awesome, you're awesome *-* Congraatulations!

    Thanks, ha! I feel like I’ve won something! :)

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  13. My dreadlocks turned 1 month old today

  14. Summer vibe

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