1. cannnibal-queen asked: Hey there! I've seriously been considering going on a fast/detox, probably for around 10-14 days. I've gone on a 4 day juice fast before, but this time I was thinking of doing water. I remember reading somewhere on your blog a while ago that you went on one, I was just wondering what your experience was and if you have an any advice? Thank you so much!

    Before doing a water fast I recommend doing a good deal of research on your own first; google “Ayurveda + water fasting”. Ayurveda promotes frequent short fasts (a day or two, every few weeks) over infrequent, long fasts (10 days twice a year)…

    I also recommend starting with occasional mini fasts, for example: starting the day with a big serving of fresh fruit, a green salad for lunch, and clear vegetable broth for dinner (plus 2 liters of water throughout the day). This is an easy way to incorporate the practice of periodic fasting, without overwhelming your body.

    Though often heavily criticized by westerners as “too extreme”, fasting is practiced by many cultures for a variety of reasons. For me, it not about abstaining from food with a physical goal in mind, but more so, it’s an expression of my internal discipline.

    Lastly I’ll say, more benefitial to your overall health and detoxification is the long-term adoption of a whole foods, plant based diet. There is absolutely NO POINT to fasting for 3 days, if you plan on going right back to eating hotdogs and meatball subs the next day… sorry if I burst any bubbles, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

    Luck in you endeavors! xx ea