1. Everything I need

  2. Breakfast

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  3. Fast food breakfast on my way to work

  4. The fruit gods have been good to me this week: a few bunches of organic fair trade bananas (which still need time to ripen), some “overripe” persimmons (not pictured) and an 11 lb box of natural, sticky sweet medjool dates. I’m elated and grateful! All three are sweet fruits and thus combine well (mixing acidic fruit / other foods with sweet fruit can cause fermentation in the stomach = gas, bloating, etc). I’m eating a big bowl of dates and persimmons as we speak- such bliss!

  5. Breakfast | October 29th: 2 bananas, 1 pint of raspberries and some figs (+ 32oz of peppermint tea).

  6. Breakfast | 9/2/13

  7. Breakfast | 8/31/13

  8. I am thankful to be absolutely SPOILED with seasonal fruit this year. ~ Fruit salad packed for a solo 15mi bike ride and scenic picnic: 3 large organic pluots (a plum/apricot hybrid), 1 large organic yellow peach and 2 figs. Chopped and drizzled w/ a teensy bit of lime juice. Also bringing 2 bananas and a liter of water. :)

  9. Pre-hike brekkie

  10. Lunch, before and after.

  11. Farmers market fruit finds

  12. Coolin’ with a 3-legged cat and some cantaloupe. #eaeatsraw

  13. My fella just got a job in produce which means 40lb boxes of “overripe” organic bananas for $15. The synchronicity of the Universe knocks me flat on my ass daily. I wish I had the words to express the complete sense of gratitude I’m feeling right now. We asked of the Universe and received… I am humbled and grateful! 🙏❤ #eaeatsraw

  14. mint + pear juice prep

  15. First straw-baby of the season + a sneaky little camouflaged spider (I’ve named it “the guardian of strawberry isle”).