1. Looks can be deceiving, this dessert is both super delicious and really good for your body. | Chia Seed Pudding : 2 - 3 tbsp chia seeds, 1 c milk alternative (rice, oat and almond are my favorite), optional: cinnamon and / or organic sweetener of choice. Combine ingredients and refrigerate for at least an hour. | Mango Topping: 1/4 c thawed frozen mango mashed with cinnamon.

  2. Breakfast

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  4. The fruit gods have been good to me this week: a few bunches of organic fair trade bananas (which still need time to ripen), some “overripe” persimmons (not pictured) and an 11 lb box of natural, sticky sweet medjool dates. I’m elated and grateful! All three are sweet fruits and thus combine well (mixing acidic fruit / other foods with sweet fruit can cause fermentation in the stomach = gas, bloating, etc). I’m eating a big bowl of dates and persimmons as we speak- such bliss!

  5. To fuel my walk to work: gluten free oats cooked with coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla paste, topped with coconut sugar and oat milk.

  6. Raw vegan lasagna tower: layers of thinly slice marinated zucchini, spicy walnut sausage, sun dried tomato marinara and basil cashew pesto.

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  7. Roasted delicata squash, steamed garnet yam and fresh arugula over quinoa linguini tossed with nutritional yeast and garlic.

    (Source: elizabeth-antoinette)

  8. I could eat this everyday: maple roasted delicata squash stuffed with organic quinoa and hazelnuts.

  9. Morning oats! Topped with sliced banana, cinnamon and flax milk.

  10. Autumn lunch: roasted delicata squash over organic quinoa.

  11. {Smoothie bowl} Base: frozen banana, flax milk, peanut butter, cold coffee and raw coconut oil. Toppings: sliced banana, dried coconut meat, chopped hazelnuts, cinnamon and coconut sugar.

  12. Snacks: organic red grapes. Medjool date, coconut sugar and local hazelnut energy balls.

  13. Breakfast | 9/2/13

  15. Experimenting with quick pickled fennel. If it turns out alright I’ll blog the recipe.