1. Lunch at work: vegan chili with special fixings. (Taken with Instagram)

    (Source: Elizabeth-Antoinette)

  2. Soup from my work (Kitchen Dances in PDX). Italian vegetable. :)

  3. Had a very busy shift last night at Kitchen Dances; split this piece of raw vegan coconut chocolate chai cheesecake on my break. So good! I can’t believe I get the opportunity to work at such a cool place, with such cool individuals… So much gratitude. (Taken with Instagram)

    (Source: Elizabeth-Antoinette)

  4. Made this vegan nacho platter earlier tonight at work. Blue corn chips topped with three bean chili, Daiya cheez, grilled veggies, cashew sour cream, corn salsa, guacamole and a few other goodies. So good. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Kitchen Dances’ new location in Portland! Vegan, local, organic and sustainable… What’s not to love?

  5. If you’re free today, please go support the grand opening of Kitchen Dances, a new vegan restaurant here in Portland! Some of the best food I’ve had in a while, and the owners are amazing people. Click the link for more info and pics.