1. elizabeth-antoinette:

    Here’s a smile for ya :)

  2. Outfit is on point today

  3. Natural hair progression from 2012-2014

    Left row to right: loose hair, baby locs, mature natural locs. Maintained with regular washing and palm rolling w/ aloe.

  4. elizabeth-antoinette:


    Holy heck, my locs have come so far! It’s easy for me to get impatient and forget where I started… thankful for little reminders like this


  5. Kissing dogs on the mouth since 1989

  6. March 29th

  7. The swaggitiest

  8. someone should have cut me off before that fourth cup of coffee 

  9. Being vain for a moment, idc idc. I would love to own these frilly shorts in every color~

  12. I L💙VE making blankets! Just listed this cozy little (actually really big) navy and gray number. If you’re interested in a custom color combo shoot me an email, veganknits @ yahoo .com✌️