1. My scarf game > yours

  2. Friday night in

  3. Life as a human is hard

  4. Oldies

  6. elizabeth-antoinette: April 24, 2012

  7. Upside down if I wanna be

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  8. Animal liberation, human liberation

  9. Impromptu day off yesterday. Spent it taking photos in the Columbia River Gorge.

  10. Natural hair, Fall 2011

  11. Old pic of me w/ makeup

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  14. nov 9, 2013

  15. elizabeth-antoinette:

    Throwback to me in spring 2011. 40+ pounds heavier, dealing with chronic depression, back pain, chronic constipation, acne breakouts and constant fatigue. A crash dieting, cheese addicted “junk food” vegetarian drinking way too much booze and eating way too much fried food. Fast forward to today: 40+ pounds lost and healthier than I’ve ever been. No more cravings. No calorie counting or restriction- just REAL FOOD, sweat and dedication.

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