1. cosmofilius asked: i had never heard about blackstrap molasses to aid menstrual cramps relief but that's interesting! any more tips on how to deal with a painful menstruation? thanks :) xxxx

    Really any form of food-based iron (or tablets, if that’s your thing)¬†will aid in menstrual cramp relief but blackstrap molasses is affordable, highly concentrated and pretty damn good mixed in to banana smoothies (on it’s own it’s got what one might consider a “harsh” taste but normally I just shoot it back like cough syrup, lol). The potassium in molasses also helps relieve cramps… make sure it’s organic!

    As for other tips: restorative yoga, warm scented baths, chamomile tea, lower belly self-massages and plenty of rest. <3

  2. High in iron, calcium, magnesium and several other essential minerals, blackstrap molasses is my tried-and-true natural cure for wicked menstrual cramps. 1 tbsp 2-3 times a day to relieve cramps and alleviate fatigue related to iron deficiency.

    (Source: elizabethantoinette.com)


  3. anavichristina-deactivated20121 asked: Do you get bad menstrual cramps? Usually people with a healthier diet, low in sugar don't, but it could be different for some people. And if you do get cramps that you can't sit out, how do you usually get rid of them?

    I don’t, but I used to… and yes, changing my diet/lowering my body fat really helped.

    While it might not be at the top of your to do list when you’ve got ‘em bad, exercise is a great remedy for menstrual cramps. You might also try applying a hot compress to the lower belly for 20 minutes or soaking in the bathtub for a bit… and yoga does wonders as well. (also, smoking a bit of cannabis usually does the trick for most of the women I know (myself included) as it relaxes the body & calms spasming muscles in the abdomen… I know it’s not for everyone, but I figured I throw it out there, lol)

    Cramps suck dude, I know… I hope this helps, good luck!