1. abstractchildmckenzye asked: Hey hows it going I'm looking to make music for the Abstract Children of our generation,and your blog stood out to me and I'd love your opinion

    I really don’t identify with “our generation” at all so I’m probably not the best person to ask (and I’m not exactly certain what you mean by “Abstract Children”) but as far as what kind of music to make: make whatever music moves you and let it form organically. IMO, regardless of genre, the only good music is raw and honest music. No bullshit, no fluff.


  2. The Game, 50 Cent - Hate It Or Love It

    I still bump wit it..

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  3. Cypress Hill - Marijuana Loco

    What I’m listening to this morning…

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  4. arichandrasana asked: Lovely, would you grace all of your followers (but mostly me) and tell us what you've been listening to lately? <3

    Ohhh yes, I’d love to. Just for fun, how about some albums/artists I’ve been running to lately? Fair warning, I mostly listen to rap and metal whilst running… 

    • XXX, Danny Brown
    • The Grey Album, Jay-Z/The Beatles
    • LiveLoveA$AP, ASAP Rocky
    • Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne

    and also:

    • Advance And Vanquish, 3 Inches of Blood
    • Colors, Between The Buried And Me
    • Dethalbum II, Dethklok
    • Eat me, Drink me, Marylin Manson
    • The Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden
    • Rosenrot, Rammstien
    • The Truth, Bleeding Through
    • Watershed, Opeth

    Like I said, this is a list of rap and metal/death metal artists; not everyone’s tastes but hopefully a useful list for someone, lol :)


  5. straitjacket-fits asked: I'll try anything. Three random picks? :)

    1. Bonnie “Prince” Billy
    2. The Dead Weather
    3. Fleetwood Mac

    What I’ve listened to so far today :)


  6. straitjacket-fits asked: Music, some favorites for me to try?

    Oh man, way too many to say. Got a favorite genre? I could give you some recommendations from there :)

  7. Young the Giant - “Islands” In The Open Session

    Happy Monday morning, folks. xx

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  8. Earta Kitt - C’est Si Bon

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  10. Summertime - Billie Holiday

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  11. Billie Holiday - My man don’t love Me

    For those who’ve asked me who inspires me musically; this woman, since childhood. 

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  12. jahzyoga asked: What does your favorite yoga playlist for a class look like

    Simply silence! :)

    But really though, whether I’m teaching or practicing at home, I find it’s so important to focus on the breath and the sensations of the physical body. Developing body and spatial awareness is one of the main applications of an asana (yoga posture) practice; in my experience music can either serve as a pleasant ambient accompaniment (rarely for me), or a majorly grating distraction..

    Silence exists in life and we have to get comfortable with it.. I feel like as a society we try our best to avoid quiet comtemplation. We wear headphones while doing practically everything, to disconnect from the world around us. The radio is always on, or the tv.. Just, background noise constantly. While we grocery shop, in the car.. If yoga class is the one place I can get people to unplug, to unwind and to give there minds a break from constant chatter then so be it! You can call me the harbinger of quiet time!


  13. newicarus asked: Do you have your Kid Cudi cover in full length?

    I don’t. (referring to a short kid cudi ukulele cover I posted forever ago, fyi)

    I’m thinking about posing a full a cappella version this weekend instead if people are interested. I’d use my uke but I haven’t practiced that song in a while and my strumming’s a bit rusty..

  14. Ordinary People

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  15. spiffymariposa asked: What kind of music do you like?

    Oh man, so many genres. I’m crazy about music, seriously. I’ve always had eclectic tastes so my influences are pretty varied.. In an absurdly random list some of my favorite genres, artists and bands are:

    - Fleetwood Mac
    - Between The Buried & Me
    - symphonic death metal
    - black metal
    - bluegrass
    - Nat King Cole
    - Devendra Banhart
    - Elvis
    - Wanda Jackson
    - Susanna & The Magical Orchestra 
    - Dr. Dre
    - Johnny Cash
    - Cream
    - ASAP Rocky
    - Geto Boyz
    - The Dead Wather
    - Olof Arnalds

    This is such a terribly incomplete list, I almost didn’t even post it, haha. But I guess you get the idea! 

    And to anybody: I’m the kind of person who’s always down to hear new music, so if you’ve got a favorite song (look, it has to be quality yo, no Katy Perry or any shit like that lol) shoot it my way and I’ll give it a listen. :)