1. First time trying this stuff and OMG!!! It’s so good. All healthful ingredients, tons of probiotics. For my fermented beverage newbs I’d describe it as to kombucha what Mike’s Hard Lemonade is to beer, flavor wise.

  2. raw truffles on Flickr.

  3. Ripe hachiya persimmon (guest staring bananas and mandarin oranges)

  4. Packing snacks for an adventure! Cara cara orange slices and Mandarinquats (a sour cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat). Also packing coconut date rolls, bananas and a thermos of tea.

  5. elizabeth-antoinette:

    Raw vegan cinnamon date spread! Has a taste/consistancy similar to a caramel dip, minus the refined sugar & processed ingredients. Perfect for spreading, dipping and snacking on right out of the jar.

    The recipe: 30 pitted dates, 1 cup water & a tbsp of ground cinnamon.

    Directions: 1. Chop your dates 2. Add dates & water to food processor or blender and let soak for an hour 3. Blend until smooth 4. Mix in cinnamon and spoon in to a jar for storage.

    Lasts up to a week at room temp or two weeks in the fridge. :)

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  6. Wish you weren’t so small. #thatswhatshesaid

  7. This is a very common question so I’m posting the answer publicly! :)

    Make sure you’re eating enough calories from raw food early on in the day!

    I’m talking 1,000 calories worth of fruit for breakfast (about 10 bananas) and 1,000 worth of calories from fruit / veg for lunch and throughout (an 8 banana smoothie, a big salad and a snack of dates and a handful of raw seeds). AND hydration!!! Get AT LEAST a liter of clean water in before 10am and a second liter in before 2pm to reduce craving throughout the day.

    Also check out the “raw til 4” program which allows you to eat an abundance of raw foods until dinner, which is usually a high carbohydrate, unprocessed cooked whole plant food meal… Usually something like a big bowl of brown rice with tomato sauce, steamed veggies and cashew cheeze, and baked apples with coconut ice cream for dessert. :)

    Happy eating! ~ea

  8. Chocolate crisis averted! Raw avocado puddin’ with banana slices and shredded coconut.

  9. Trail snacks

  10. Cacao studded snackage

  11. Impromptu day off yesterday. Spent it taking photos in the Columbia River Gorge.

  12. Breakfast

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  13. Fast food breakfast on my way to work


  14. iamforbidden asked: Hi, I saw your picture of dried dates, I live around Portland, and have no idea where to find them! I've looked everywhere and all the dates I've found have added sugar, so I was just wondering where you got them from? Thanks :)

    Those dates were a gift from a very generous friend, I couldn’t otherwise afforded to buy so many at once. I’ve heard good things about ordering bulk dates through the web… any followers have insight to share on that?